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There are four separate programs, each designed to be completed in 10 weeks and consisting of a teachers manual, four reproducible student workbooks, and four reproducible games books.

Other features include:

  • structured, skills-based reading programs
  • an easy to follow format for teachers or parents.
  • lessons prepared with strikingly illustrated worksheets and games

All in all a year's program costs less than 2 relief days. Best of all students will actually want to come to reading classes!

Programs are divided into weekly units which include:

  • reading rule(s) 
  • vocabulary list 
  • oral reading 
  • word meanings 
  • comprehension 
  • reading games

Level 1

Program is a 10 week intensive reading course designed for the student with severe reading problems, i.e. R.A.

Level 2

Program is designed for the student who has completed Level 1 or who has already acquired those skills. The program teaches conventions such as ar, or, ee, ea, oa, ow, er, ou, etc. It also provides more work on syllables, and significantly increases vocabulary levels.

Level 3

Program is appropriate as a starting point for the child who knows the basic skills but lacks knowledge of the more difficult conventions such as soft c, soft g, au, aw, ea (as in bread) silent letters etc. These students typically have a Reading Age between 8.6-9.6 yrs approx.

Level 4

Program is particularly appropriate for a grade 6 child with a Reading Age between 9.0-10.6 yrs approximately, who lacks knowledge of the advanced phonic skills needed to cope with reading at the secondary level, e.g. sounds of y, ch says k, ph, unconventional words, endings such as -sion, -cious, -tial, etc. Vocabulary enrichment is directed at upper primary level.


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