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"My 13 year old daughter has been in every conceivable reading program since 2nd class and none of them has helped. When she started Year 8 this year she had given up. I saw your books in a school recently but thought they looked too hard. We decided to try the B program anyway and I just cannot believe how much she has improved in such a short time (neither can she!). She's so keen, it's amazing! Thanks for a great program and especially for reviving her self esteem" (M. B. Mortdale)

"This is the first year I've used the your program and the kids love it! The parents of the kids in my reading classes think I'm fantastic!" (J. S. Nowra)

"Thank you for a program that works." (Sister M. N. T.)

"Your programs were highly recommended at a Reading Conference in Darwin. How soon can we get them?" (P.G. Casuarina, N. T.)

"I work as a parent helper in a program at our school. My 10 year old son is in the program and despite the best efforts of his teacher he has continued to fail in reading. The school started to use your program this year and the breakthrough for my son has been wonderful. His progress has been beyond our wildest dreams. Thank you for putting the spark back in my son's eyes." (Maria W. Dandenong)

"I work in a Behaviour Unit with some very difficult teenage boys. We've had outstanding results with your programs. The boys are motivated by the competitive aspect of the lessons, especially when they time each other and the design of the program gives the boys immediate feedback. The programs have been a godsend." (K.T. Pymble)

"Your programs were repeatedly named by both primary and high schools as the best programs for successfully dealing with reading problems."
LB. (researcher, WA) DETYA

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